Do you feel unhappy, even though you should be content with all that you have? Are you currently struggling to keep your relationship alive? Have you lost your identity, drive, or purpose? Perhaps you’re confused about your career, or you no longer love the person you see in the mirror.


Dr. Giardina recognizes that each patient is a unique individual, and the methods used in therapy are specifically tailored to fit you and your psychological needs. Together, you and the Doctor will tap into your strengths, your best most authentic self. You have the power to live an abundant life - filled with love, happiness, health, and material things (if you desire). Dr. Giardina will help you develop new, healthier patterns of behavior. You will gain self-awareness and reach a state of peace.


Dr. Giardina sees therapy as more than just a place to tell your story, and let you vent (although these are important parts of the treatment). Holistic psychotherapy is a multidimensional experience meant to aid you in understanding and addressing the way issues in one aspect of your life can lead to concerns in other areas. The Doctor will help you set sustainable and achievable goals, and help you find equilibrium in your life. Dr. Giardina has a goal of empowering you to quickly transition out of therapy and into living your new, more wonderful life!

Practical, Personalized Solutions!

Dr. Todd Giardina is a licensed psychologist practicing in Coral Gables, Florida.

With more than 15 years of experience, he is one of the rare few male psychologists in South Florida who focus on women's issues such as identity, self-esteem, communication, relationships, body image, or life changes. Dr. Giardina’s approach has proven to help women find a balance in their life by overcoming emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual challenges. Through a transformational (or integrated) model he encourages women to find and use their natural strengths, and empowers them to be true to their authentic selves.

“My goal is to promote psychological wellness through connecting and promoting the health of the body, mind, and spirit...while integrating traditional psychological therapies.” – Dr. G.

Dr. Giardina speaks and understands the female language, yet he can give his patient’s a much-needed male’s point of view without the clouded male ego. This approach has proven to be extremely successful for his female patients who seek outside help, and also want to understand a male’s perspective. He is funny, approachable, and nonjudgmental; nevertheless, he is challenging and will give his patients tough love when needed. Dr. Giardina believes the first step in healing yourself is self-awareness, and taking responsibility for the problems in your life. He is like a personal fitness coach who will push you to meet your goals, help you stay on track, but ultimately it is your commitment towards your own healing that will make you physically, mentally, and spiritually stronger.

While not in session, Dr. Giardina spends time with his wife and partner of 20+ years, as well as his young daughter and delightful dachshund. He has a passion for fitness, wellness, and helping others reach a higher level of consciousness and unlock their full potential. Additionally, Dr. Giardina is also on the Boards of Directors of Miami Bridge Youth and Family Services. He was born and raised in a suburb of New Orleans, Louisiana. He received his undergraduate education at the University of Texas at Austin, and completed his doctoral program at the State University of New York at Buffalo.

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Dr. Giardina utilizes an integrative or holistic approach to psychotherapy and coaching. Simply put, the doctor addresses emotional wellness by connecting and promoting the health of the mind, body and spirit, while combining traditional psychological therapies. Dr. Giardina believes all humans have an abundance of healthy resources within them, which he will help you discover. Holistic psychotherapy and coaching emphasizes balanced living, inner strength, and self-awareness.  But Dr. Giardina recognizes that we do not live as monks in the mountains, and life is not a yoga retreat every day - practical application of psychological and spiritual insight is key!

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Couples Therapy

By learning how to identify your own emotions, and better share them with your partner, each member of a couple can finally truly understand each other. While couples therapy does not guarantee that the relationship/marriage remains intact, Dr. Giardina prides himself in aiding couples achieve improved quality of life through the process.

Here you will find Doctor Giardina's opinions and commentary on current events relevant to mental health.

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