About Dr. Todd Giardina


Holistic Chamber of Commerce

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“I don’t talk to you, I talk with you. This is just a conversation. But it is one that will change your life. I will help you unlock your potential to be your best self!”

Disclaimer: Dr. Giardina’s professional code of ethics does not allow for testimonials from past or current patients. Furthermore, privacy and confidentiality standards of therapy would not allow the Doctor to admit that he has treated a particular person.

But here are some quotes from anonymous patients that describe Dr. Giardina:
-"You're different than all the other therapists I've seen...and I've seen a lot"
-"I like that you swear and curse...you talk like me"
-"You give homework and that helps me remember what we talked about and holds me accountable"
-"I like that you don't just mmmhmmm the whole time...you talk and give feedback"
-"You seem 'real' and not like fake or like a cold, doctor type"
-"I didn't think I'd feel comfortable talking with a man, but this has really been great"
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-The comment most often heard as to why his patients chose and continue to work with Dr. G: He gives Practical, personalized solutions to problems!

And regarding his speaking engagements:
-"You're funny...it's like psychology stand-up"
-"It felt like you were talking just to me"