Treatment Approach



Dr. Giardina’s treatment style is conversational but also based in years of training and clinical experience. It feels like you’re talking to a friend but there is always an intention behind what Dr. Giardina says in session. With Dr. Giardina, you get an experience that is more expert than your typical life coach, more personal than the average psychiatrist or psychologist, and more holistic than many other therapists. You may get cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness meditation, health education, existential debate, a homework assignment, a warm embrace, and a cup of tea all in a one hour session with Dr. Giardina. You will learn techniques that are based in science and research, but are applicable to daily life, and may stray outside the boundaries of cold, hard medicine. You will work together to create lasting, sustainable changes. You will walk away from each session with practical, personalized solutions!

Dr. Giardina’s approach coordinates with other treatment modalities from physicians as well as professionals in the domains of yoga, meditation, nutritional guidance, physical activities, wellness retreats, homeopathic medicine, reiki, and other outside of the box methods of healing.

Ultimately, all of those who seek coaching or therapy with Dr. Giardina will be impacted by the necessary components of the Dr. G Method. In addition to these standard aspects of treatment, sessions with Dr. Giardina may address one or all of the following:

  • Couples therapy and relationship issues
  • Balancing the needs of your mind, body and spirit
  • Owning your "gaps," loving yourself
  • Reclaiming your passion, purpose and drive
  • Improving body love and self care
  • Finding and creating your ideal relationship
  • Grieving losses - in relationships, phases of life, or career
  • Learning to be perfectly imperfect, accepting that you don't have to be SuperWoman
  • Mindful stress management
  • Empowerment and motivation to change
  • Taking action towards (re)defining your identity
  • Learning assertive communication skills
  • Monitoring your habits to make more conscious choices
  • Understanding the mind-body connection
  • Learning how to prioritize, and let go of what is unnecessary
  • Living and loving authentically
  • Becoming your best self to attract better people
  • Cultivating healthier relationships through improved communication patterns
  • Personal growth through awareness, acceptance and action
  • Creating new, healthier patterns of behavior
  • Getting out of your own way and finding your true self