Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching



Dr. Giardina offers a therapeutic style that balances the emotional elements of psychotherapy, the holistic components of mind-body-spiritual healing, and the action-based structure of life coaching.

While some practitioners speak of a line drawn between coaching and psychotherapy, Dr. Giardina does not see the need for a distinction. Sessions with Dr. Giardina contain growth aspects that can be categorized under both headings – the emotive elements and examining of unconscious drives that come with psychotherapy, as well as the results driven & future focused self-improvement components of coaching.

With Dr. Giardina, the benefit is that you get both styles in one package, coupled with the confidentiality and research support of psychological practice.

So, you can feel free to tell friends and family that you are seeking coaching services, or seeing Dr. Giardina as your coach. But be clear, what you are getting is much more than merely a needs assessment or career planning.

Work with someone who can do it all, someone who tailors to fit the needs of the individual, someone who wants you to be your best self as has the skills and training to get you there.

Sessions with Dr. Giardina are "Coaching Plus"!