Let Your Voice Be Heard

Click this link to learn more about Naomi Judd’s commitment to support “Partners Against Pain® – a resource that serves patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals to help alleviate unnecessary suffering by advancing standards of pain care through education and advocacy.” (quoted text from partnersagainstpain.com) This website is a nice source of general information, including some coping tools for patients and those in their lives. What I find interesting, though, is their pain advocacy page, which educates patients about avenues to speak up for themselves and their needs.

In my experience with pain patients (and their caregivers), feelings of helplessness and worthlessness are both common and debilitating. Empowerment, in all forms, is vital in learning to live with chronic pain. Now empowerment and independence come in many forms, from managing normal daily activities on your own to writing to Congress to ensure that your healthcare needs are met. This latter approach, while “bigger” in some ways, may actually be easier and more fruitful (practically and psychologically)…and certainly worth a try. This process can lead to greater understanding of your own pain condition, a better means of speaking to others about your needs (including your pain physician), and a new sense of usefulness and meaning in the world.

Let your voices be heard!

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